Author Guidelines

Auhtor Guidelines


Requirements for articles

Original, previously unpublished articles and materials relevant to the subject of the journal are accepted for publication.

The volume of the original article (annotation, keywords and phrases, as well as the list of references) should not exceed 10-12 pages in 1 interval.

Text - Microsoft Word. Format - A4. The size used on both sides of the text is 2 cm. Font - Times New Roman. Font size - 14. Line spacing - 1. Heading (paragraph) - 1.25.

Articles are accepted in Uzbek, Russian, English and other languages

The structure of the article is recommended as follows:

Name of the manuscript:

The title of the article and other materials should be short, relevant and no longer than 12 words.


Full names of authors should be indicated in the following order: first name, patronymic, surname, if there are two or more authors, separated by commas. 

Author's place of work:

This information should be provided in the following order: department, institute, city and country.

Author in charge of correspondence:

Name, father's name, surname; department, institution, country, full postal address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address.

The title of the article (English, Russian and Uzbek), information about the author (authors) are given in the Latin alphabet (transliteration).

Abstract and keywords:

An annotation is a summary in English, Russian and Uzbek that is given in addition to the volume of a scientific article.  

In summarizing the main points of the article in the annotation, attention is paid to the following:

it should cover the basic data of the research and should not contain facts that are not available in the case;

the structure of the article is repeated in the annotation: introduction, purpose and objectives, methods, result / discussion, conclusion / consideration;

the results are clear and concise and are given in membership;

the annotation should not repeat the title of the article, should not contain unnecessary comments, "introductory sentences" (as the author implies in the article…);

the abstract is not quoted;

The text of the annotation should be 250-300 words.

Under the annotation there is an inscription "Keywords and word combinations" (8-10). Keywords should express the main content of the article and consist mainly of important concepts related to the field.


The article should reflect the purpose of the research and the state of the scientific problem at the time of writing.

Purpose and mission:

The content of the article is presented in a systematic way, depending on the goals and objectives.


Research methods should be described in detail.

Results and feedback:

The results and feedback should be presented in an expanded format (using tables and figures where appropriate), as well as a comparative analysis and interpretation of previously published results.

The full text of the article is given in foreign languages.


The answers to the questions in the introductory part, the conclusions should be clearly indicated.

The order of distribution of the used literature:

The bibliography is transliterated into the Latin alphabet. The listed literature has been published in the last 15 years and should not be less than 15 and not more than 50.

Submission of magazine articles:

Zagurenko AG, Korotovskikh VA, Kolesnikov AA, Timonov AV, Kardymon DV Tekhniko-ekonomicheskaya optimizatsiya dizaina gidrorazrыva plasta [Techno-economic optimization of the design of hydraulic fracturing]. Neftyanoe khozyaistvo - Oil Industry, 2008, no.11, pp. 54-57.

 Submission of articles in the electronic journal:

Kontorovich AE, Korzhubaev AG, Eder LV [Forecast of global energy supply: Techniques, quantitative assessments, and practical conclusions]. Mineral resources Rossii. Economics and Management, 2006, no. 5. (In Russ.) Available at: (accessed 22.05.2012)

Submission of articles in journals in the Digital Identifier of an Object ( DOI ) system :

Zhang Z., Zhu D. Experimental research on the localized electrochemical micro-machining. Russian Journal of Electrochemistry, 2008, vol. 44, no. 8, pp. 926-930. doi: 10.1134 / S1023193508080077

 Provision of periodicals:

Astakhov MV, Tagantsev TV [Experimental study of the strength of joints «steelcomposite»]. Trudy MGTU «Matematicheskoe modelirovanie slozhnykhtekhnicheskikh sistem» [Proc. of the Bauman MSTU “Mathematical Modeling of Complex Technical Systems”], 2006, no. 593, pp. 125-130. (In Russian)

 Presentation of conference materials :

Usmanov TS, Gusmanov AA, Mullagalin IZ, Muhametshina R.Ju., Chervyakova AN, Sveshnikov AV [Features of the design of field development with the use of hydraulic fracturing]. Trudy 6 Mezhdunarodnogo Simposiuma “Novye resursosberegayushchie tekhnologii nedropol'zovaniya i povysheniya neftegazootdachi” [Proc. 6th Int. Symp. “New energy saving subsoil technologies and the increasing of the oil and gas impact”]. Moscow, 2007, pp. 267-272. (In Russian).

Distribution of books (monographs, collections):

Kashnikov YA, Ashikhmin SG Mekhanika Gornykh Porod Pri Razrabotke Mestorozhdeniy Uglevodorodnogo Syr'ya (Rock Mechanics In The Development Of Hydrocarbon Deposits) Moscow, OOO «Nedra-Biznestsentr» Publ., 2007. 486 p.

Distribution of translated books:

Timoshenko SP, Young DH, Weaver W. Vibration problems in engineering. 4 th ed. New York, Wiley, 1974. 521 p. (Russ. Ed .: Timoshenko SP, Iang D.Kh., Uiver U. Kolebaniia v inzhenernom dele. Moscow, Mashinostroenie Publ., 1985. 472 p.).

Provision of Internet resources :

Kondrat'ev VB Global'naya farmatsevticheskaya promыshlennost '[The global pharmaceutical industry]. Available at: (accessed 23.06.2013)

Presentation of the dissertation and abstract :

Semenov VI Mathematical modeling of plasmas in the system of compact tor. Diss. Ph.D. phys.-mat. nauk [Mathematical modeling of the plasma in the compact torus. Dr. phys. and math. sci. diss.]. Moscow, 2003. 272 ​​p.

Issuance of a patent :

Palkin MV ea Sposob orientirovaniia po krenu letatel'nogo apparatas opticheskoi golovkoi samonavedeniia [The way to orient on the role of aircraft with optical homing head]. PatentRF, no. 2280590, 2006.


Each table is placed on a separate page at 2 intervals. Tables are not submitted as photographs. Tables are numbered and named specifically. Each column in the table should have a short name (abbreviations can be used). Each table is explained in the text.

Images (pictures)

Complete sets of drawings are provided. Images should be painted professionally; handwritten drawings are not acceptable. Images are made of white paper, the quality of which must meet the requirements of the scan. Electronic versions of drawings are presented in separate files. The recommended width of the image should not exceed 14 cm and the height should not exceed 18 cm. Scanning materials must be at least 300 dpi.

Abbreviations and symbols

Only standard abbreviations are used in the text of the article. There is no abbreviation in the title of the article. Abbreviations and symbols that are not commonly used in the annotation are rarely given, their explanation, of course, should be given in the place where the annotation was originally used.